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Privacy Policy

Chalet Ivy respects the importance of our guests privacy & personal information. This page outlines your rights as our guest

Super Okusan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “our company”), operating company for Chalet Ivy, acknowledges that we are socially responsible for protecting all personal information provided by our customers (“our customers” hereinafter refers to hotel guests, clients, persons applying for careers at Chalet Ivy).


Obtainment of Personal Information

Our company obtains our customers’ personal information for tentative hotel reservations, inquires, and mailing list registrations. Our company ensures that our customers clearly understand the purpose of obtaining personal information in each designated section. With careful care, personal information will be stored in our secured database.


Private information obtained from our customers may be used for the following purpose

  • Hotel Guest: For reservation purpose, providing latest hotel information and marketing purposes
  • Clients: For providing latest hotel information
  • Person applying for careers at Chalet Ivy: For recruitment purpose


Usage of Personal Information

Private information obtained by our customers may be used for the following purposes. Hotel Guests: In order for our company to inform guests on updated information Clients: In order for our company to inform clients on updated information Persons Applying for Careers at Chalet Ivy: In order for our company to contact for recruitment


Management of Personal Information

Our customers’ personal information will be handled properly and carefully.


Handling of Personal Information

With Secure Socket Layer, personal information will be encrypted and protected for all accesses from desktop computer, laptop computer, and mobile devices.


Observance of Law

To ensure our customers’ privacy protection, our company strictly follows the guideline of the Act on the Protection Personal Information in Japan


Protection of Personal Information

With our respect to our customers, we will answer all of our customers’ inquiries in regards to personal information disclosure, update, and deletion, as well as complaints in regards to our personal information management.